our mission 

In honor of the legacy of our namesake, Paul Robeson, our mission is to build an empowering community of youth and adult leader-educators whose work is to nurture and liberate our minds, bodies, and collective spirits from mental oppression through a culturally-relevant curriculum in the arts, sciences, technology, and history. 

By liberating our bodies from hurtful consumerism using physical training and by changing our relationship to food; we liberate our collective spirit and re-affirm our commitment to each other, our shared heritage, and our local community.


our story

The original Freedom Schools were built around the idea of understanding who we are and the struggles communities face under oppression:

Today, our communities still face many of the same struggles they did in the 1960s: segregation, inadequate education, poor housing options, an out-of-control criminal justice system, and systemic racism.

Like the Mississippi Freedom School Curriculum), we talk about a lot of things: about Black people and white people, about rich people and poor people, about the South and about the North, about you and what you think and feel and want.

And we’re going to try to be honest with each other and say what we believe.  We’ll also ask some questions and try to find some answers. The first thing is to look around, right here, and see how we live in America. 

OUR work

We believe in the 3P's; people and the planet before profits, transparency, accountability, open government, and the power of community building, unity, and the power of ordinary citizens stories to inspire, motivate, and impact change,